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1979-1987 : Mr Major’s Written Parliamentary Answer on the Darwen Caller Office

Below is the text of Mr Major's written Parliamentary Answer on the Darwen Caller Office on 23rd July 1986.

Mrs. Beckett Asked the Secretary of State for Social Services whether the north-west regional office of his Department has now received comments from all interested parties concerning the proposed closure of the Darwen caller office; what has been the general nature of those comments; and when a decision on the future of the office will be made.

Mr. Major Comments have been received from most of the interested parties who have been consulted. In general, they are concerned with the value of retaining a facility locally for face to face contact with the Department and the travelling difficulties which the public may encounter in visiting the main office in Blackburn, as well as the status of the town of Darwen.

A decision on the future of this caller office will be made soon.